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Bel Air, California

We provide drilling for all construction needs including foundation caissons, retaining wall caissons, hillside shoring, swimming pools, soils testing, percolation testing, and slope stabilization in Bel Air, CA.

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We provide complete test drilling, and caisson drilling services. From hillside to beachfront, we can handle all types of drilling conditions. Caissons are typically engineered to support structures such as foundations, retaining walls, pools, or to stabilize failing hillsides. Drill rigs drill through unstable surface soils in order to reach deeper bedrock to support the weight of the structure. Steel rebar cages are placed into the drilled hole and then it is filled with concrete. Generally speaking grade beam foundations are placed over a grid of piles or a retaining wall is built bearing on a grade beam that is tied directly to the caissons.

Our drilling equipment is capable of drilling diameters between 12" to 72" and to depths of 65 feet. For jobs with limited access we need only 36" horizontal clearance and 8' vertical clearance. No matter how large or small your next caisson drilling and caisson placement project is, you'll benefit from having us on your team.

LoDril Drilling Contractor


We provide drilling for all types of testing and construction projects including, retaining wall construction, pile supported foundations, and geology test drilling.


We provide test hole drilling, percolation testing, and down hole logging.