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Calabasas, California

Concrete retaining walls have long been a fundamental element in Calabasas to add valuable developable area to a building site. Structural retaining walls are typically constructed using one of three common techniques, CMU block retaining walls, cast in place concrete retaining walls, and Shotcrete retaining walls.

  • CMU block walls are the most simple type of retaining wall to construct as no form work is required. Precast concrete block, also known as concrete masonry units are placed over a supporting footing. Rebar is set at specified horizontal and vertical locations within the CMU blocks and the grouted cells are pumped with concrete.
  • Cast in place retaining walls are more commonly used for substantial hillside retaining walls as the CMU units may limit the placement of rebar within the wall. During the cast in place process steel or wood form work is constructed, rebar is set in place and concrete is then pumped into the form work. The form work is removed to expose a monolithic cast in place wall.
  • The third method is Shotcrete retaining walls. Shotcrete retaining walls are constructed in a similar way as cast in place walls but instead of constructing the second side of the form work a special type of concrete with much less water content, Shotcrete, is blown onto the single sided form at high pressure the surface is hand finished.

Our mission is to build retaining walls that last a lifetime and enhance the property. We specialize in the construction of retaining walls in all conditions.



Landscape retaining walls can add dimension, depth, and valuable space to any outdoor setting. The added flexibility landscaping retaining walls give allow beautiful outdoor settings to be designed on slopes you may have assumed were undevelopable. We provide both cast in place retaining walls and CMU block walls.