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Los Angeles, California

We provide complete earthquake retrofitting planning and installation. From foundation bolting to shear transfers, we can help ensure your home is protected when the next earthquake hits.

The primary purpose of all earthquake retrofitting is to secure a home to it's foundation. Earthquake retrofitting makes your home safer and less prone to sustaining major structural damage during an earthquake. The majority of homes built prior to the 1990's in California lack the appropriate foundation bolting to sustain a substaintial earthquake. Our proven and affordable seismic retrofitting solutions can help keep your home safe and protect your investment.


As many of the homes in Los Angeles where constructed before structural standards for new homes where capable of withstanding the pressures exerted by earthquakes, many homes need to be secured to the foundation. Believe it or not many original home in Los Angeles have little to no seismic bolting whatsoever. Precise planning and placement of all retrofitting must me maintained for proper effect.


Foundaiton bolting is a process where bolts are added to an existing foundation which secures the wood framing to the concrete foundation. Typically epoxy is used to secure the foundation anchors inside of a drilled hole. The anchor bolts are positioned on the sill plate.


Many raised floor homes are built with the first floor framing resting on a short wood framed wall, known as a cripple wall. These cripple walls can be less than a foot in height up to 4 feet. Collapsing cripple walls is on of the primary sources of failure related to earthquakes. Strenthening these non-engineered cripple walls is a main component to earthquake retrofitting a home. Structural grade plywood is typically placed over one or both sides of the cripple wall in efforts to stiffen.


Frequently angle iron struts are utilized for uncommon conditions.